U.S. Navy visits Mason:Hopes new program will recruit students

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By Sandra Evans, Broadside Correspondent

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a generous chunk of your tuition paid off for you even before working, as well as having the guarantee of a job after graduation?

The U.S. Navy will be visiting George Mason University today from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in North Plaza. The purpose of the event is to promote the Navy’s Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program (BDCP), which helps qualifying college students with their tuition while also guaranteeing a job with the Navy upon graduation.

Christina Ramos, an account executive for Accent Marketing, an organization that helps arrange recruitment interviews for the Navy, said that she hopes a lot of students apply for the scholarship and that she’s very excited about the program itself.

The scholarship program pays up to $4,700 a semester, which is even more appealing when mentioned along with the guaranteed job with the Navy upon degree completion. If a student starts the program at the beginning of his or her college career, it adds up to $37,600 before even beginning work.

There are other benefits to the program as well, such as full medical and dental insurance during enrollment and payment of all moving expenses.

Ramos urged all students at Mason to come by for more information on this new and exciting program. She also mentioned that “There’s completely different jobs for different majors,” though their “focus is [specifically] on medical engineering and nuclear propulsion.”

Mathematics, science and engineering majors are also highly encouraged to apply.

Dani Russell, a senior music major, said “The program is a good idea, especially with so many new grads having a hard time finding a job.”

She also mentioned how “Tuition keeps increasing, and jobs keep decreasing, [and that] a program like this offers a little bit of a safety net.”

During the information session, issues that college students may face will be addressed such as increased tuition, working while studying and limited jobs after graduation. Then information will be given regarding the BDCP, the Navy program where qualified college students can still study in their chosen field, but also earn a salary to help pay off the tuition and be automatically employed as a naval officer upon graduation.

Students can expect interviews from Navy officers, live music and giveaways. Other collegiate programs will also be discussed during the event.

Following the event, there will be a career seminar offered from 3 to 4 p.m. in the Johnson Center, third floor, Meeting Room A. This will offer students the opportunity to spend more time talking to Navy officers one-on-one about the program, discuss if they’re qualified or ask any other related questions.

Kathryn Makin, a freshman nursing major, said “They’ll have plenty of success here at Mason. The Army seems to do just fine [with recruitment], so why shouldn’t the Navy?”

More information on the Navy BDCP, or on their other collegiate programs, can be found at http://www.navy-officer.com/ scholarships.html.

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