Feels just like just like I’m walking on broken glass: International Week performers treated for minor foot injuries

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By Kevin Loker, C2M Executive Editor

Two dozen students were transported to Health Services for treatment of minor injuries obtained during the annual International Week Dance Competition last week. Record-breaking temperatures heated up the black-carpeted outdoor stage, resulting in blisters for 24 of the competition’s barefoot performers.

“The problem was first noticed after the Pakistan Student Association finished their performance and the African Student Association started theirs,” said Assistant Director of Student Activities Sara Morrisroe, who oversaw the event. “It was noticed by members of the team once they came off the stage. We immediately assessed the members and recommended they consult Student Health Services.”

Students incurred no cost from their treatments, according to an e-mail correspondence with Lauren Long, the director of Student Activities, the organization that oversaw the event.

“I informed all the remaining contestants that shoes or socks were required to be on stage,” said Long. Two members of George Mason University Bhangra and one member of the Mason Hellenic Society, which performed shortly after the Pakistan Student Association and African Student Association, also received treatment for their injuries.

“The remaining dancers for the rest of the event were all fine,” said Long.

For past dance competitions, Student Activities had used a wooden stage. But since the stage was in poor condition, Long said they rented a covered stage out of safety concerns for participating students.

Students who were transported to Health Services responded positively, according to Morrisroe.

“[The dancers] knew that this was an unforeseen circumstance and that we’re trying our best to keep them safe . . . [We weren’t] expecting the record temperatures,” said Morrisroe. “Overall, the students were very understanding and knew that we were available to them if they needed anything else.”

Temperatures on Tuesday, April 6 reached 93 degrees — 30 degrees higher than the average temperature for Fairfax that day, 63 degrees.

To ensure safety and accommodate for an increasing crowd size, future International Week dance competitions will be held indoors.

“We think this is the best decision for everyone,” said Long. “[The] safety of our students is the most important part for us in all of our programs, and we will work to ensure this does not have an option to occur again in the future.”

The dance competition’s winners, the Arab Student Association, performed Saturday, April 10, at the International Dinner in Dewberry Hall.

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