Spring Break Kiosks Pop Up: Students Encouraged to Stay Safe

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Sandra Evans, Broadside Correspondent

Spring Break is a time for some fun in the sun amid a hectic, energy-draining spring semester; however, the special occasion has a bad reputation, with some college students making not-so-great decisions that can sometimes have very serious consequences.

The Office of Alcohol, Drug & Health Education (OADHE) will set up its Safe Spring Break kiosk today through Wednesday before the start of break. It will be held at the Johnson Center Kiosk A from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“[Our goal] is just to let people know about the resources on campus . . . and [for people to know] the high-risk behaviors they may be exposed to and try to minimize that,” said Health Promoter Coordinator for OADHE Megan Grant.

The kiosks will have information on safe and healthy decision making and how to have an enjoyable Spring Break while staying out of harm’s way.

Topics that will be discussed include what behaviors are considered high-risk, how to plan a safe trip and what factors into good decision making.

Many are skeptical about whether or not Safe Spring Break can have a posititive impact on certain college students who are already determined to fully enjoy their break without worrying about the possible costs.
Brandi Hilliard, a sophomore undeclared major, believes “responsible people are already going to be responsible, while irresponsible people are set on making bad decisions anyways.”

Free items will also be handed out such as healthy hook-up kits and bags filled with sunscreen, sanitizers, first-aid kits and more.

The open atmosphere for discussion and goodie bags are a way to casually let people feel comfortable talking about the serious issues that could arise during spring break while teaching people the facts in a fun yet educational manner.

The event aims to discuss ways of reducing the harmful risks connected to alcohol, sex and personal safety, but other matters will be touched on.

Some students think the Safe Spring Break kiosks will be very beneficial, believing that important matters should be freely discussed.

Tanner Allshouse, a junior global affairs major, urges fellow Mason students to “be safe over spring break and exercise caution.”

OADHE is also having their annual Safe Spring Break Bash in Eisenhower Hall on Tuesday March 2 from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. This event will include different activities to make students more aware of alcohol-related safety.

George Mason University is holding its spring break this year from Sunday, March 7 to Sunday, March 14.
More information on having a Safe Spring Break can be found at the Office of Alcohol, Drug & Health Education’s website www.adhe.gmu.edu.

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