Damage Prompts Ballroom Closure

by   Posted on February 22nd, 2010 in Uncategorized

Kevin Loker, C2M Executive Editor

The roof above the Student Union Building II Ballroom may not be a casualty of ‘Snowverkill 2010,’ but it has left some damage as far as events scheduling is concerned.

The large-room space, which according to Events Management is used at least once a day by students and faculty for events, meetings and practices, was closed earlier this week as a precautionary measure to evaluate possible damage noticed by maintenance staff after last week’s snowstorms.

According to Associate Director of Operations and Events Services Keith Ellis, the metal trusses that support the roof and ceiling of the SUB II Ballroom had developed a slight bow after last week’s massive snowfall, temporarily placing the safety of the room in question. Student groups and events began to be relocated to different rooms early Monday evening.

Engineers have since assessed the damage and deemed the structure to be safe for use and, moreover, to be functioning as designed.

“Trusses are designed to flex,” said Ellis.
But damage has still been done. Ellis says the trusses have flexed to a point that the movable partitions are starting to drag the floor in the center of the room.
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